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ERST is a revolutionary, transformational technique that changes lack to abundance; struggle and suffering to joy and happiness; common to extraordinary and more. Its results are positive, effective, super fast, ultra safe, non-invasive, and invaluable. ERST is a paradigm shift in emotional therapy. Rather than working with stories and events at a conscious level it goes straight to causation.
We discovered that our actions are primarily controlled by instinctual programs (our personal software) below erectile dysfunction drug our level of awareness. We live our lives as if what we do and say is the absolute truth and that our lives depend upon it. Each of us has had ah-ha moments that let us know ed pills for sale that “sometimes” what we believe is not so absolute after all and it changes our lives.
ERST uses sound frequencies in a proprietary way to separate negative beliefs and behaviors from our real and positive thoughts cheap erectile dysfunction pills online, that is, give us an ah-ha moment at the unconscious level. The greatest proof to our therapy is the fantastic results and testimonials of our clients.

Craig & Bernice Worthngton - ERST-International on DaoCloud
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